About Us

Established in 1995, Vam Enterprises has created a niche by offering quality textile products. Our core competence has been our ability to customize products, services and provide textile solutions.

We Source, Manufacture, Market and Provide textile solutions to our esteemed cutomers.

With a very far-sighted vision and a mission that not many even dare to think of ,Vam Enterprises was formed in 1995 to bring about a positive turn-around in the textile sector and to become India's premier textile company . The product focus was yarns which was the groups core strength and then to move forward to slowly get all textile products from fibre to fabrics under one roof to become an end to end supply chain partner for our customers.

A belief that follows a long term thinking, Vam Enterprises has not just manufactured trust and faith with its client but has also changed their perception by emerging as their reliable partner for supplying textile products.

Vam Enterprises QC team is formed with people who have technical back-ground and vast experience in the manufacturing field and relevant experience. To ensure that at any point of time our QC team can reach any factory in India within 24 hours.

The other important reason of our exponential growth is our unflinching ability to deliver on time.

We have ensured deliveries through the most testing times and have delivered beyond expectations thus enjoying the confidence of continued and longstanding relationships with our customers.

What helps is the in-depth penetration and the ability to deliver optimum price appropriate quality for which customers place the confidence in the company.

To ensure the best of quality a dedicated technical team follows each order through the production processes until the final shipment. Conformity to contracted terms and specifications are strictly adhered to as a routine.

The professionalism in terms of trade and the transparency that Vam Enterprises brings to the table is well known to its many customers who truly appreciate the value parameters set by the company in dealing with global buyers.

Vam Enterprises works as a partner with you just like your internal team. Our marketing office is located in Mumbai, India and the technical support team in Ahmedabad (Gujarat)